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ShareTax.org aims to promote worldwide a fiscal system known in the US as the FairTax. The ShareTax is a polished version of the FairTax , rebranded for a non-US audience . This system will have a positive, solid and global impact. It will happen, but sooner is better than later, so I support it now. You should too, itís the best way to invest effort toward a civilized society.

The FairTax is based on two simple, complementing ideas about funding the state and providing social protection:

  1. Replacing all direct taxes (on income, salary, etc.) with a flat-rate consumption tax (sales tax or VAT). Basically, you keep your entire income, skip filing tax declarations, and pay tax only when you consume.

  2. Redistributing a portion of revenues EVENLY to ALL citizens through a monthly check. Everybody (rich or poor, employed or not) receives a monthly check, exact same amount for everybody.

The FairTax isn't a matter of contention between left and right, because it's a decision upstream of societyís political preference. This one system is actually perfectly suitable for either choice (nanny state or wild capitalism) .

The FairTax has a simple, intuitive rationale, and some advantages are obvious. But its main implications are not, and two are particularly important:
  1. FairTax makes social democracy economically competitive, and therefore politically viable.

  2. One country adopting the FairTax will pressure all others to do the same (and likely trigger a domino effect).
These are bold statements, please find solid supporting arguments in the overview.

In the US, the FairTax had bipartisan support and counts Vernon Smith (a Nobel prize laureate in economics) among its many supporters. Surprisingly, the democrats are less inclined to it than the republicans, and significantly curtailed support in recent years.

There is a solid advantage in being the first country to adopt. I intend to promote the ShareTax outside the US , focusing at first on the European Union.

You want to contribute toward a better society? Supporting the FairTax is likely the best way to invest your effort. Why? Because it will transform society in a way that makes people both more inclined and better able to volunteer . You should help some, the FairTax is the best way out of this cut-throat jungle we call society.

It is not perfect, but might well be the best possible system, and, in any case, it is definitely a great one. Read the overview and form your opinion. Donít rush to conclusions, and remember: this is not a left versus right political issue!

About me? I have decent analytical skills and I spent more time on this than on my entire undergraduate studies. The system appears sound in spite of looking so good. Being wrong is never impossible, but itís unreasonable to hesitate forever so I will act on this now.

Main approach will be to write to journalists, economists and politicians (primarily from the EU), but will also attempt short articles, and use forums, blogs, and social media.

 Overview   Emails   Articles   Media   Your help         Unrelated  About me