Your help

Being kind in a world of kind people is more enjoyable than being mean in a world of mean people. If you want to contribute to society then I recommend promoting the FairTax, in my view itís the best way to invest your effort. This is what you could do:

1. Be knowledgeable. Inform yourself and understand the main issues. Then talk to friends about it (start a discussion). Make sure you understand what you donít understand, so you donít have to back down from any supporting claim (no need to make this look smarter than it is, itís plenty smart already).

2. Write to politicians, economists, and journalists. Start local. Write to wealthy people with a social conscience. Be short and clear, include just a couple advantages you understand/like most. Frame letter as an opinion request (successful people tend to be proud). Donít get adversarial/unfriendly to anyone, people who disagree now will support this later.

3. Donate money if itís easier for you than contributing time/effort. I do not take donations, but you can support Americans for Fair Taxation instead (or a similar organization, if there is one in your country). Those guys appear to be dedicated and effective.

4. Donít do much more than your share, avoid burnout. Stay positive, this WILL happen, it will be a great step forward, and we are a part of it. Take a break when you need to, but do comeback to this effort later.

If you are young and not wealthy you should focus on securing your own future first (itís a jungle out there, no one will do it for you). So donít be a hero... older, financially secure men should be at the forefront of this effort. But itís good that you are considering this.

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