The plan is to write to journalists, economists and politicians (primarily from the EU), highlight the main advantages and attempt to elicit an opinion. Will draft a couple blueprints and adjust them as appropriate. Any correspondence will be posted here.

But the 1st email will be sent to Warren Buffett (I admire the way he invests his ability and effort). An endorsement from Mr. Buffett would carry a lot of weight. I understand the importance of what Mr. Buffett is doing, so I certainly don’t want to be a distraction, but I believe the FairTax is an idea Mr. Buffett will be glad to hear about and support.

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A word about Warren Buffett and the importance of his work

I don’t admire Mr. Buffett's intellect as much as the way he choses to use it. Basically Warren Buffett used his business acumen and energy to turn his initial capital into one of the largest fortunes... with the ultimate purpose of donating it all! Moreover, he intends to do so by setting up a fund that will annually disburse 4% to charity in perpetuity! Should such fund last indefinitely, and perform in line with the market (whose return should be above 4%), then… the scale of his economic contribution to society will be unprecedented and, in a sense, unquantifiable.

It is well known in economics that capital gains are the financial reflection/embodiment of exploitation. So it might look like Mr. Buffett uses his superior intellect to exploit on a vaster scale for his own benefit. But in reality, what Mr. Buffett is doing is using exploitation to defeat exploitation itself! And he’s not just drafting a theoretical blueprint… he’s actually making it happen!

Further consider the modest level of personal spending throughout his life (which maximizes the end wealth to be donated) and… you get the picture of a truly inspiring deployment of natural talents. All in all, this is both uplifting and inspiring.

I wouldn't dream of interefering with this, but the FairTax brings true scale to his effort. And does it in a way that's much in line with his approach. Just like Buffett's fund, the FairTax will annualy disburse (in perpetuity and for the benefit of all) a percentage of nationl consumption. And similarly to Buffett's approach, the FairTax will, ultimately, use exploitation to fight exploitation, since basic necessities are financed by taxing outlandish consumption.