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Sent to: Elon Musk
Date: 12/24/20

Subject: Request to evaluate the supporting logic for FairTax (UBI + sales tax + NO income taxes) and publiclly express your opinion.

Dear Elon Musk,

Vast wealth allows you to make a decisive contribution to the Universal Basic Income movement, and there's no higher ambition.

UBI will be a milestone in the history of mankind, a clean break from the jungle-like cut-throat competition that has, since forever, prevented humanity from truly evolving. Funded with a consumption tax, it basically means that everybody shares a set percentage of own consumption equally with everyone else.

Sharing is caring, and UBI+VAT will force kindness onto mankind, making people realize it's what they wanted all along.

Religious people expect Jesus to come and achieve all this. Atheists believe nothing can replace natural selection. Yet kindness is the evolution of evolution itself. And we can achieve it ourselves, without divine intervention.

Elon Musk can help write history, the one that really matters. Fund a vigorous campaign to promote the UBI+VAT. Contribute as much as needed. You don't need the money; you want to do this.

If it all sounds too poetic, then here's the pragmatic case.UBI requires no bureacracy: noo expensive, intrusive background checks to see if one qualifies, just mail a monthly check to everyone, same amount for all. The sales tax? Put a coin in a vending machine and you already paid your taxes: nothing to memorize, nothing to calculate, nothing to file.

UBI is so sexy, but the real engine behind this economic and political revolution is the sales tax (or VAT). Unlike income taxes, the sales tax does not discriminate against domestic products: it either applies to both domestic and foreign products when they compete on the internal market, or to neither of them when they compete abroad.

The income tax is basically a negative subsidy on domestic products: raise it and you damage competitiveness! The sales tax steers clear of this nonsense, changing the game entirely: social democracy (big government) suddenly becomes economically competitive and therefore politically sustainble.

Both the left and the right misunderstand the earth-shaking implications of this. A large-scale effort to promote this reform is badly needed, and you can make a huge impact. Andrew Yang did plenty to bring the spotlight on UBI, and could be the one politician we need. He's not laser focused on eliminating the income tax (which is really THE trigger that needs to be pulled), but he's highly intelligent, honest, likable, and, most importantly, seems genuinely kind.

Do this Elon, and the positive effects on society (and the future) will make you the most consequential personality of this generation.

Switching from fossil to solar? That's important indeed, electric cars will help, and many work toward this goal.

Colonizing Mars?? Before we figure out how to peacefully & sustainably inhabit Earth? That's giving up on priorities.

Chasing even more wealth to surpass Bezos??? That'd just make a mockery of a billionaire's standing as a person.

But an outstanding contribution to what will ultimately ignite universal kindness? That's a dream for anyone with a conscience. And you can make it happen. While doing our own tiny part, we hope you will.


The ShareTax team



FairTax is UBI + sales tax + NO income taxes. ShareTax is a polished version of it. You can find a comprehensive and robust, yet clear, overview at We'll post this open letter, and any answer from you at . Thanks again for reading.

We basically set out to promote the FairTax idea outside of the US (rebranded as ShareTax for an international audience). We intend to focus on the European Union first but... we're willing to talk to anyone who's clever enough to listen (smiley face goes here).